Pope Says First Communion Preparation Requires Love and Reverence

“Dear friends, the Church at Easter time usually administers first Communion to children,” he noted in the midday address. “I, therefore, urge the pastors, parents and catechists to prepare this feast of faith well, with great fervor, but also with sobriety.”

Holy Week Book of activities for you Catholic classroom

Holy Week Book description

Reconciliation Matching game

The Real St. Nicholas – Not Fat and Not Particularly Jolly

Faithful Citizenship

The Faithful Citizenship Web site of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!

Faithful Citizenship: Catholics and the Political Process

with Bishop Loverde, Bishop DiLorenzo, Sr. Clare Hunter, and more.

Jesus and Prayer

Review with the students several occasions when Jesus prayer. Choose six readers to read aloud the specific Gospel references listed below when as you briefly provide background on each occasion.

A Saint for Modern Mothers

Lately, my go to Saint for Motherhood is St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine of Hippo, a Bishop and early Dr. of the Church. Raised a devout, pious Catholic woman in Africa during the 3rd century, Monica married a pagan, struggled in her marriage, and raised a son who embraced an immoral, hedonistic lifestyle before dedicating his life to God.

Teaching Our Children the Power of Silence

Throughout our lives we seek signs from God. We pray that God will give us clarity and guidance in major decisions.  We pray that He will speak to us.  We ask him to be loud and clear like fire or an earthquake.  But these verses remind us that God does not speak to us in all those loud things, but in a whisper which will be missed if we are not surrounded by silence.

150 Titles of Christ from the Scriptures

There are many, many titles of Christ in both the New and Old Testaments. As one prays and studies them, they amount to a mini-Catechesis of the Lord Jesus.

Presented below are over 150 titles of Christ.

Prayer Tips for You and Your Kids

These are just a few basic tips on how to encourage your child’s prayer life. I hope this helps and gives you encouragement as well. What would you add to this list?  What is your favorite way to pray with your children?

10 oddest gifts given to Benedict XVI

Mount Angel Abbey: The Divine Office

with Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB

Not Mindless Magic, but Mindful Mystery: On the Fruitful Reception of the Sacraments

A fundamental principle of the seven Sacraments is that they have a reality that exists apart from the priest’s holiness or worthiness. They work ex opere operato (ie.. they are worked from the very fact of the work). One need not doubt therefore that a sacrament is in fact given just because a bishop, priest or deacon seems less than holy or worthy. Neither can the disposition of the recipient un-work the work. For example, Holy Communion does not cease to be the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ merely because the one who steps forward is unworthy or even an unbeliever. The Sacrament has a reality in itself that transcends the worthiness of the celebrant or recipient.